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Scarborough New Home Complete!

We had some photos taken of a home that has recently been completed in Scarborough.

Our Design brief for this project was:

- Maximise the use of natural light

- Use of enviromental solar passive design principles

- Create a large sense of space to liveable areas

- Exploration of different materials whilst balancing the needs of a practical family home

- Modern and contemporary style

We achieved the fundamentals of the design brief by providing a large void area over the ground floor living space allowing natural light to flood the lower level. This also served a purpose for obtaining a sense of space to the house as a whole. The use of alternative building products in lieu of standard double brickwork such as light weight construction to the upper floor to produce maximal insulation values. Some of the materials used in the project include fibre cement sheeting, natural timbers, stone cladding, polished concrete, steel grate walkway and custom orb sheeting.

Solar passive design principles were attained by the use of thermal mass to the ground floor polished concrete slab to hold and release heat during the colder months. Placement of the windows throughout the home achieved cross ventilation and light penetration. The location of the skylight also helped to control light flow to the upper floor level and stairway.

We allowed enough space for a pool and external entertaining area for an essential Australian lifestyle. The home also includes a large spacious living area as well as 3 double sized bedrooms. We also added a multipurpose room to the ground floor to adapt to the future needs of a growing family.

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