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We are a family of four who have recently moved into our new home- designed by Darren Foster and Stephany Wood from Paramount Design. It has been our first experience in building and unlike most people we have spoken to it has been an amazing and exciting journey..We started with an old fibro shack circa 1942. For many years the plan was always to renovate or demolish to make room for our growing family. We spoke to countless designers and builders about our wish to create a home that would suit our lifestyles, reflect our coastal setting, and be in keeping with our philosophy on building a healthy, sustainable home. One which would stand the test of time from both a design and construction point of view. Most people we spoke to could not see our vision- it was simply too hard or was not in keeping with what their construction methods, or ideas on re-sale down the track. Luckily a very good friend had just finished building, we were immediately impressed with the level of finish of their new home and their stories about the process they had been through. So with this recommendation we spoke to the crew at Paramount Design and the team at Nulook Homes. Having lived on the site for many years we were well aware of how the site functioned and how we wanted to live in the space we had..With only 342m2 to work with surrounded by 5 other homes (4 of which are double storey) we know we would have to plan carefully to maximise the area we had to work with, to consider the neighbouring homes and of course to comply with council regulations.

In our first meeting with Darren and Stephany we spoke to them about our ideas and instantly felt a sense of relief that they understood where we were coming from. Looking over some of their projects we also understood that they were keen to do things differently and passionate about their work. The relationship they had with NuLook also stood out. Its all well and good to design something amazing but you need to know that it can be built! So the process started..and it was a long one! Both Darren and Stephany were extremely patient with our countless emails, calls and requests for meetings. The were wonderfully professional and knowledgeable and always eager to make sure we were happy with the process. The amount of work they undertook to ensure we were creating the home that we wanted was staggering..We feel so blessed to have found them as they were as invested emotionally as much as we were. It was such a collaborative relationship- they had the know how, but also matched us with their enthusiasm and vision. To say we are happy with the end result would be an understatement..We are thrilled with how our new home functions and how our lives have been transformed by the space we now call home. Everything we wanted has come to life and living here is both rejuvenating and laid back. We strongly believe that the time they invested in getting to know us as a family helped immeasurably in their design. How we love living on the coast, our neighbours, and how we wanted to do things a little differently to do our bit for the planet. We have amazing sea breezes here so we wanted to maximise the natural ventilation potential. The home is designed to breathe! With lightweight construction upstairs, comfort plus glazing, skylight, high ceilings and windows and sliding doors which connect to the outside, it is always light and airy. We are so happy with the design- most people questioned why were were including a void above the dining area and not another bedroom. But Darren and Stephany were also keen on this feature along with the grate which leads you down one side of the void. Everyone who has visited us has been amazed at how spacious this home feels considering the small block we had to work with. The addition of a void at the entry and the internal blade walls mirrored at the front and rear tie in perfectly and are additions at Darren and Stephany’s suggestion which work beautifully. We wanted light, bright, and functional and we have all of the above. Speaking with the team about the ‘look’ of our home we would joke that we wanted it to be ‘Coastal Industrial’. The colours reflect the dunes down the road, the vertical cladding is reminiscent of the coastal shacks from our home town in Tasmania, the limestone cladding a nod to living here in the West and again the coast, and the timber cladding again to reflect the natural environment. Inside it is a space to be lived in. The polished concrete floors work wonderfully as a heat bank and are a functional addition for kids and Bessie our dog, plus they look beautiful and add more reflections and light throughout the downstairs. Darren and Stephany have given us such a huge gift in designing our home with us. There is not one aspect of the process or the finished product we would change, and that comes down to their meticulous work, their eagerness to engage with their clients, and their desire to design something which they knew would ‘flow' and be in keeping with our lifestyle. From the moment we step trough the front door we feel at home, we feel relaxed…And that is what great design gives you- a home not a house. We would happily recommend both Darren and Stephany to anyone considering using their services (and have friends now building their own dream home using another Paramount Design). They truly go above and beyond to help you realise your dreams.. Kind regards,

Kel Fournier

152 Saint Brigids Tce, Scarborough WA

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